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A future without fire-ants?

His title is perfect: SciGuy: My prayers answered — a fire ant virus

My prayers answered — a fire ant virus

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has recently identified a virus that kills red fire ants, and the agency has begun the process of finding a commercial partner to develop the virus into a pesticide.

Read the article. I hope this happens soon enough for the Horney Toads to make a recovery.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:33

The Blog That Ate Manhattan: Grand Rounds, Volume 3, No 33

Welcome to Grand Rounds, a carnival of posts submitted by medical bloggers every week. It’s the best of the medical blogosphere, and I am privileged to host this week.

This week’s grand rounds is dedicated to our favorite surgery registrar, Barbados Butterfly, whose blog was unceremoniously taken down not too long ago. I will not write here of the circumstances of her leaving the blogosphere, or posit the details thereof. I wish only to celebrate her as the quintessential medical blogger that she was.

Another in an excellent series. No theme except logical, easy to read organization.