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Cat Save in Britan

Random Acts Of Reality :: The Only Time You Will See A Picture Of One Of My Patients
Enjoy a happy ending.

Disneyworld Series by James Lileks

Yes, my blogging dry spell continues.  I have nothing interesting or original to say (and I’ve tried, alas there are now a bunch of half-finished posts even I’m not interested in reading), but I’ve been reading others’ blogs.

One I’m particularly enjoying is the first two parts of a four-part series by a professional wordsmith, James Lileks.  I’ve always liked his writing generally, but combine a writer I enjoy with a subject we can both agree is pretty interesting (the Disney vacation experience) and it’s true entertainment.  He’s obviously never been before, and after reading these, he and his family will be back, like me and mine.

Here’s links to days 1 and 2.