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Doctor Doofus

Is there a doctor on the plane? is the account of a Canadian physician who volunteered his time, twice, on a flight from Montreal to Paris.

Good for him for coming forward. I’m much less impressed with his desire for compensation from the airline for his efforts.

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Dr. Leap: I’m the doctor, that’s why!

I’m the doctor, that’s why! (This months EMN column) at
This is the age of intellectual democracy. In a frightening departure from millennia of human tradition, everyone is now an expert in everything. Turn on the television or surf Internet news services. We somehow believe that polls of individuals are useful for guiding policy, in everything from international politics to morals and religion. Legislators and marketing experts trust this information, as if masses of humans had extensive experience in diplomacy and warfare, in economics and federal tax structures, rather than what so many do have expertise in; video games and the accumulated out-takes from American Idol.

It’s especially odious in the world of medicine. How many times do we argue with patients that they don’t need an antibiotic or x-ray, admission or laboratory test? A family once skeptically asked me to show them the x-ray I had taken of their child, who swallowed a coin. Once they saw it, they were satisfied that I hadn’t missed anything. They weren’t radiologists, but they were experts. Because any idiot can be a physician, right?

Sing it, brother!

Fat Doctor – Yes, she’s back

Fat Doctor – Famine-resistant physician comments on life at work and home. Occasional whining.

Good news? She’s back!

Bad news? We chose the same WordPress theme.  I’ll get over it, nice to have her back.

U.S. Memorial Day History and Information on U.S. War Memorials

U.S. Memorial Day History and Information on U.S. War Memorials

Thank a service member, or their family, today.