Blog Software Geekage

I’m considering yet another blog software migration, and am soliciting recommendations / suggestions.

I started with Blogger, then went to Movable Type, to TypePad, and back to MT.  I’m currently considering a switch to WordPress (independently hosted) because MT, as currently configured on this blog, is slower than I’d prefer, I’m pretty sure I’m losing comments (because I get emails from frequent commenters), and the Trackbacks haven’t worked in months.

I have worked with a very good WP consulting group for a different blog, and have some experience both with them and WordPress, so I don’t think it’d be bad, and might be a good change.  The consultants say they can get everything moved over without losing the basenames Google has already learned, and can get me close with a new template.

Does anyone recommend one blog engine over another, what experience do you have, and why?  I want to know before I make the next decision.


  1. I’ve tried typepad, and used blogger in the past. I’ve even experimented for a day or two with movable type.

    But WordPress is my choice. Easy to install. Easy to update. Plenty of designs available. Plenty of useful plugins. Good spam coverage with Akismet.

    It just works.

  2. I’d suggest WordPress any day of the week. I currently use it for all of my blogging needs, and it’s so robust, I use it as the backed for a couple of complete sites. I don’t think you’ll find anything more robust or up to date than WordPress. Add that to the usability, plugins, themes, and you’ve got your answer already :)

    –Jason In Nashville

  3. I’m running WordPress on both my blog and the quarterly SF site I am editor for. It’s done very well by me, and I highly recommend it.

  4. I’ve geeked out on a lot of blog engines. WordPress is one of the best, you won’t regret moving. In a month or so, you’ll forget you ever used MT.

    Keeping all your permalinks is a tough job so make sure the people helping you have the time and patience to help you out.

  5. I am watching Habari ( Currently in um alpha at ver 0.1.1. Expect good things.

  6. I’ve decided to go to Word Press. I’m hoping for the best.