Happy Birthday to

…Gruntdoc!  This is the Fifth Anniversary of a blog started on a lark,and continued due to lack of imagination.

Thanks very much to all of you for reading, and I hope to keep going for a long time.


My 4th birthday, for a retrospective of the design.

I wonder if I get to meet John Malkovich now…


  1. Happy Birthday :) I’ve always liked your blog. I’m glad you’ve kept with it this long and here’s to many more years :-)

  2. Happy blog birthday you old fogey. ;-)

  3. Ya know you’re an old fogey when people start referring to you as a pioneer. You truly are a giant among medical bloggers and an inspiration for me to start mouthing off about my own EM experience. Happy 5th and many thanks.

  4. Happy Birthday, Grandpa Gruntdoc! 5 years, a spot in Annals, and like Charity said both a blogworld pioneer and giant. You should take a few moments to be proud. I, on the other hand, haven’t pioneered anything except new and inventive ways to sound stupid around the consultants.


  5. Mrs. Fred says:

    You commented once that you didn’t know why anybody but your Mom would read this. Well, world, be assured that his mom STILL reads it daily, and is SUPER proud of his accomplishments!

  6. Happy Blog Birthday!! My 1 year blog birthday was this past Sunday…but unfortunately I only blog in private now – although I have about 10 people who read on occasion! Still bummed about having to do that! Maybe someday it’ll come back to the light – I really enjoyed blogging! :)

    Here’s to many more years – I really enjoy your blog!

    Take care,
    Carrie :)

  7. Thanks to everyone!


    Carrie, What the Heck?

  8. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  9. I’m here for the e-cake. What flavor are we having?

    Just kidding.

    I’m a faithful reader of your blog. Please don’t stop any time soon!

  10. People at work were reading my blog, and nobody would come clean about it. I have a lot of personal things on my blog, and I was concerned that it was going to be used against me. It was being viewed on all kinds of shifts, too. I just couldn’t deal with that stress…so first I took down almost all the posts, and then I got fed up and went private. I did send you an invite awhile back, though! I can send it again if you want access… I have since put back up 99% of the posts – which was nearly 300 posts. I haven’t been blogging as much but mainly it’s because I don’t think anyone really reads it anymore except once in a great while! I am more of a commenter than a blogger these days… :-/

    Take care,
    Carrie :)

  11. Great job! Congrats!