Life around the house

While I’m self-censoring on patients, and since that’s the medicine I actually do, I’ll substitute some posts about other things, like life around the house.

Last month I found this photo on the desktop, and while my initial reaction was dread (my wife has taken apart the mower that doesn’t run), the next thought was ‘at least she’s taken photos so we stand a chance to get it back together’.

Yes, we got it back together, but it still won’t run.  Fortunately, we got it used, and, well, it’s deceased.  Oh, I could spend a lot of time overhauling it, but it’s surplus, so there you go.


Also recently we went out to dinner, and when leaving we picked up mints from the bowl.  As I was leaving I looked down before unwrapping, and found I’d gotten something I’d never seen before: half-a-mint!  Yes, the wrapping was perfect, so this was a factory quality-control miss.

Oh, and it tasted just like it should.


  1. Oh, well, I see your problem with the mower right there. With the doo-hickey. It’s, uhh, discombobulated. Good luck with everything, GD.

    I enjoy your blog.

  2. For some reason I sense that you’re in a “mood”. (I was going to ask if you’re burnt out at work but I know that this question may elicit a hostile “What was your FIRST CLUE?”) But I’m truly sympathetic here. When was the last time you took a vacation and did something NOT reponsible? I mean, something totally for fun/escapism/silly/stupid/let your hair down type of “not reponsible”, and for a length of time to allow emotional healing.

    (Yeah, you can tell me to mind my own beeswax.)

  3. BRN,
    I’m a tad cranky, but non-toxic at this point. I do work too much, and have a plan to cut down in a couple of years to near-human levels of effort, but for now I work a lot of shifts in a very good ED.

    Our family takes a Big Vacation every other summer, and this is a Little summer, so I’ll get away for a while (first extended vacation alone ever with my wife!), and that’s enjoyable to look forward to.

    Frankly what’s bugging me is that I’ve decided to censor myself despite previously working hard to not divulge any patient identifying features, which either a) makes me a weenie, cave-in cretin or b) means even my hobbies are ruled by the perpetually outraged and the gotcha brigades who would enjoy bringing down a doctor blogger with fines or social disapprobation. If so now my hobby is just an extension of my work, and a lot of CYA is needed in every post, and since my job is getting less enjoyable…

    I got a blog to talk about what I wanted to, and I can’t. Yeah, boo-hoo, but it’s a disappointment. Or I’m the disappointment. I need to sort that out.

  4. That makes me very sad because just last night I was asking a couple of other doctor bloggers why so many doctor blogs are being taken down. Who, exactly, are these “gotcha brigades”? What is their purpose? (You can actually get fined?) I’m bewildered…

  5. BRN,
    Yes, should someone successfully file a HIPAA complaint against me I could get a huge fine, so that’s part of the reluctance / reticence. As for the gotchas, I’ve had several commenters who were Shocked! Shocked! to find out that docs aren’t 100% dopey do-gooders who loved every minute of every interaction with every patient. Were they to decide it was worth their time to cause any medical blogger trouble it’d be easy.

  6. I wonder what the commenters do for a living? I’d love to ask them if they’ve ever had those days or have had to deal with people they aren’t exactly thrilled about.
    Anyway, I wouldn’t mind having your job, but I’m still a bright eyed bushy tailed premed. :P

    For the mower, it sounds like a faulty kanooter valve.

  7. One of my horses did major surgery on my riding mower – stripped wires, tore out the guts, and apparently sat on it for a test ride.

    Ran much better after that….

  8. Hi Grunt Doc – I don’t understand how can someone come after you for a HIPPA violation if you have changed all the facts?

    So are you saying that medical personnel can’t discuss patient events in any disguised form?

    Are people over reacting about all of this now? Fat Doctor had an issue where a co-worker discovered her blog and gave copies to her boss and to some co-workers. Her boss did not make her take it down but she felt that she should and opted to but will be reopening a more private one.

    If I knew someone was discussing my med case and I could be identified from it – I would be livid. But if it is done in such a way that no one could make a connection – then go for it.

    I guess there could be an issue with maybe even though an identity has been changed that it looks like someone else, but still they would have to prove it.

    If you Docs stop posting – I will have serious medblog withdrawal!
    I don’t know – this whole thing doesn’t feel right. What about freedom of speech.

    This reminds me of the overkill with the politically correct nonsense.

    Don’t get me wrong – I go out of my way NOT to hurt people but I think it is ridiculous when you feel like you have to keep looking over your shoulder.

  9. Basically it boils down to how much do I want to push the envelope, and how much would I rather not get sued / complained about to bureaucrats? My answer will change day by day.

    PS: Seaspray, it takes a bit for your comment to post, then you need to refresh the page to see your post. They all posted.

  10. Thanks Grunt Doc. How many times did it post? 100? I tried every which way to make it work. I didn’t know about the refresh here. Actually, I must have sent through at least 5 or 6. I was determined but thought I left in defeat. Glad it went through. :)

  11. I think that is the used mower I made my husband get rid of because the thing-a-ma-jiggy kept getting plugged and he would have to put apart all the doo-hickies to put in a thing-a-ma-bob to make it run.
    Glad to see Tim-the-toolman or Tina-the-toolwoman is alive and well at more than one household.

    As for the mint; half is better than none.