Respectful Insolence: Drunk with scrubs

Respectful Insolence: Drunk with scrubs

…We were inside, but there was an outdoor sidewalk cafe area with tables as well As I was sitting there, I noticed a guy in surgical scrubs showing up in the outdoor area. Not surprisingly, he appeared to be trying to chat up a couple of young women who were also out there.

I had to restrain myself from bursting out in laughter.

Orac channels how I mostly feel about people who wear scrubs out of the hospital. Except that I usually am also given to wondering about the infection-control implications of it. We now have a myriad of multi-drug-resistant bugs, and you’re going to wear the same clothes home you wear at work?

Beginning Year #5

…at the real job. It’s not a record of duration of employment for me (Navy goes to nine counting scholarship time), but it’s some pretty remarkable stability for me and my family. We’re now in the same place longer than any time in our 17 year marriage (4+ years in the same home; amusingly, the Navy had the prior record at 4 years). For the first two years my ID badge that opens doors would quit working on my anniversary date, but fortunately that’s been fixed. (A little unnerving to celebrate your employment anniversary locked out of the ED).

It is, in fact, a little weird to not be thinking about / planning the next move, given we’ve done so much of it. We’ve had at least 8 major moves, but that doesn’t count the ‘moving into an apartment while the house we’re moving into is ready’ moves, so it’s nearly double that number. I do have the major addresses written down, somewhere.

But, we’re now Home. Stability, as much as can be had in Emergency Medicine, is nice.