Archives for June 5, 2007

Redo Complete

And many thanks to Brian at Watershed Studios for the work.

WordPress is easy enough to install on your own on your own server; however, if you have 4 years or so of old posts and want them imported without changing the basenames, and have a customized template you generally like and want continued, you hire people who know what they’re doing.

Enter Brian and his team at Watershed Studios. They’ve done excellent work: I’m quite pleased with the result, and hope you are too.

How my day went, per the coffee maker

(My enjoyment of coffee is well documented here, so no need to retrace steps).

We were pretty busy for the first hour, so then I went to get my first cup. Coffee maker is empty. Big mess around same. Cleaned up the mess, started coffee.

Get crushed with sick patients, work like crazy to keep the ill and injured as well as possible.

2 hours later, a break; coffee maker is empty. Start another pot.

An hour and a half later, some re-evals are done, and there’s two minutes of slack time, and time for coffee. 1/2 pot available, but no cups.


Another hour later, finally there’s a break, and a cup, and coffee! Huzzah!

Home two hours later. One cup.

Crazy shift!