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MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:38

Grand Rounds 3.38 Immediate Release – Blogs – Revolution Health

Welcome to the latest round up of the best of the healthcare blogosphere. Today it is my pleasure to offer you your weekly dose of Grand Rounds, optimized for your state of mind. I believe that there are two basic types of blog readers, and so you’re getting Grand Rounds 2 ways (with a dash of cartoons thrown in for extra “feel good” measure):

A very imaginative (and easy to read) way to do Grand Rounds. Kudos!

Cult of the Mac adds another (sorta)

All, I am getting a Mac powerbook sometime this week. I have had a Mac-mini, and while it’s been intriguing (and stable) the power of it was limited, so it was relegated to second-banana status. Ultimately, that means I haven’t done much in the World-o-Jobs.

Nor will I be completely switching; I have way too much PC gear / software / experience to trash it all (and couldn’t afford to if I wanted).

But, I know there are those among my seven readers who are very familiar with Macs, and are just dying to help me out with the ‘what should GruntDoc add’ to my new Mac book. I will use it for blogging, surfing, the occasional powerpointy talk, and will probably dabble with pictures and some video more than I have been. I do need to be able to get into Windows to run some apps there. I have “Switching to the Mac, the Missing Manual“, and it’s good reading.

So, what should I add, preferably freeware that’s not bleeding edge? Your comments are officially solicited.

PS: I now have a Prius and will soon have a Mac. This does not mean I’ll be getting a goatee, wearing sandals and going vegan. Just so we’re clear on that.

(All the original comments went ‘poof’ in the Great Server Disaster of ’07; feel free to re-comment, or ignore it, whichever.)

First impression: strange to get a new box from Apple, that then immediately needs 100mb of updates.
Second: Backlit keyboard is definitely a selling point; I thought I’d like it, and I do.
Third: iWork preinstalled (paid for) wants me to enter my serial number? Isn’t that why we buy it preinstalled, so it Just Works? Dumb. Gotta go find a SN.
Fourth: It took some reading, but in the ‘system preferences’ there’s a tweak to make the touchpad act like it has a right mouse button, which is terrific for a switcher.
Fifth: Firefox works perfectly well. (I really enjoy Opera, but like the Firefox extension that keeps the bookmarks synced enough to prefer it).
Sixth: no ‘delete’ button that means delete? The delete button is where the backspace belongs, and that’s what it does. Fn-delete does the same thing, but seems silly.
Seventh: Battery life is fair, at best.  Not up to Dell standards.  Really.