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Change of Shift

Change of Shift begins year two of operation:  Change of Shift At NursingLink –

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles: Adieu

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles
I’m going to take a break from blogging.The Examining Room has been going for almost 3 years. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I’ve met great people, been challenged intellectually, and have had an audience for that bit of creativity still left in me that survived running the gauntlet of medical training.

…The main reason I am taking a break, perhaps a long break, is that my life, like yours, only allows me a finite amount of time for pursuing an avocation. I’d like to try to work on a book. It’s a story you might read one day, or it might simply rest on my bookshelf, unpublished. But it is the writing of the thing that I feel passionate about. Wish me luck.

Thank you, Dr. Charles, for all the excellent free entertainment all these years. Blogging is, after all, a hobby for us in the MedBlog world and hobbies take time, come, and go. You have a writing talent well beyond mortal bloggers, and I hope you do write that book, even if it is about tomatoes.

And come back if you want.  We’d love it.