BBC NEWS | Health | Coffee ‘could prevent eye tremor’

BBC NEWS | Health | Coffee ‘could prevent eye tremor’

Coffee ‘could prevent eye tremor’

People who drank coffee had a lower risk of blepharospasm
Drinking coffee protects against an eyelid spasm that can lead to blindness, a study suggests.Italian researchers looked at the coffee drinking and smoking habits of 166 people with blepharospasm.

Sufferers have uncontrollable twitching of the eyelid which, in extreme cases, stops them being able to see.

One or two cups of coffee a day seemed to reduce the risk of the condition, the team reported in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

Again, coffee saves.  What can’t it do?


  1. James Wilk, M.D. says:

    I must have been sick that day in medical school they taught us that blepharospasm could lead to blindness. My eyes aren’t twitching, they’re rolling after reading this.

    Nonetheless, I do enjoy a cuppa Joe. Now I’ll justify my coffee habit by telling my detractors, “Hey, I’d be reading EKG’s in Braille were it not for this miracle potion!”