Flea: Come back


We know. It’s okay. Come on back.



  1. I don’t think we’ll see Flea again. But I hope he’s blogging somewhere – for himself, if not for public consumption.

    The law firm that opposed him crawled through my blog several times yesterday. I updated my post about Flea’s outing to give ’em a Bronx cheer. Does Texas have an equivalent greeting for ’em? I would assume that any Texas version would be a bit…bigger.

  2. I was ordered to pull the plug today myself.

  3. There are two firewalled sites that you can use. Contact Dr. A. and Musings of a Distractible Mind for details. Hope that you can live there, Trenchdoc. This is a miserable state of affairs.

  4. jrobatc says:

    Trenchy is truly one of a kind and will be missed. I happen to have had the privelege of having him train me as a resident as well as now being partners in the same group. His humor and wit are top notch being surpassed only by his knowledge and skills as a physician. His blog was a true gem and as you wrote in ImpactedER nurse a great way to vent and allow us to keep our perspectives in order.


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