Kevin and I in the news again

Or is it Kevin and me? One of the things I’m unsure of in writing.

That PR firm is really paying off…

We’re featured in a nice article appearing in International Medical News Group publications (at least some of them), and it’s short and brief. Kevin talked about it about a week ago, and I meant to but got distracted.

Here it is (.pdf file). Many thanks to Doug Brunk for making me sound less silly than I am.

Kinda weird to have my 15 minutes be up so early in life.


  1. Alison Cummins says:

    If you aren’t sure which personal pronoun to use, drop the other person and use it alone. In this instance, compare “I in the news again” with “Me in the news again.” Once you’ve picked the one that sounds right (I’d pick “me”) you can add Kevin in.

  2. Jared Solomon says:

    I would generally counsel you to never forget your verbs.

    Congratulations. Perhaps it’s not that your 15 minutes will be up so soon, you just tend to shine more brightly than many.

    Happy blogging!


  3. Nice article. The pros need some positive strokes once in a while…

  4. The headline above is a shortened form of ‘Kevin and I are in the news again.’ I think ‘Kevin and I, in the news again’ would work.

    I know with spoken English, someone would say, “Kevin and me, we’re in the news again”. Which would naturally be shortened to “Kevin and me in the news again.”

    It’s a toss-up between written and spoken English.