Yes, we know.

The server that runs this blog crashed, hard and without warning last night. The host had backups for the site through the 2nd, so that’s what’s on the page now.

I have a backup from the 11th, which is the best we can do, at least for now. It should be back up and running tomorrow, but anything after the 11th will be lost, so we’ll see.

Oh, and this post will probably disappear also, as the updates happen. I’ll re-explain when it’s back to normal.

Update 6-14: Thanks to Brian, the backup has been restored. I’m missing the post about a new mac powerbook (and the comments),(thanks again to Brian) and a photo. So, not too much lost. (Hint: do backups of your blog).


  1. Jared Solomon says:

    Sucks. Been through it with other systems. Hope everything comes through painlessly.

  2. Agree. This had nothing to do with the recent MT -> WP switch, just a hardware failure.

    Tough couple of weeks for Hostingmatters, if I’m right. Thay also host LGF, and their server crashed hard last week. Oh, and 22 others went down with me on my server, but I don’t know who they were / are.

  3. What a relief! Several of Flea’s posts disappeared just before his entire site came down, so when accessing you this morning, I was afraid the same thing was happening here. Please keep on truckin’.

  4. Scared me to death. I thought your blog had been closed and I was about to throw a hissy fit and go into a depression about that being the “final straw” in my frustration with the current blog-closing trend.

    I like your blog. In fact, I liked all the blogs that have been shut down. (I even liked the now-gone blog written by someone who frequently made me madder than a wet hen.)

    I admit that I totally enjoy “anonymous” blogs because of their blatant honesty and good gossip. And I fear greatly that anonymous medical blogs may become a rarity if this trend of hospital/employer interference goes on (or whoever it is that is putting pressure on medical bloggers)….

  5. Hello Bloggers,
    About the recent blog expose, I was wondering…why is it that all other professions get to blog without repercussions? Where is it written that doctors must take a vow of silence when treated unfairly? How can physicians achieve perfection when medicine is an imperfect science? Just one more…why are doctors the only professionals who are handcuffed to a monster by the name of “malpractice” every patient of every day?
    I know a doctor who is mad as hell and he’s not gonna take it any more. We’re making a documentary on physicians, for physicians and about physicians.
    Got opinions? We want to hear them.
    Crash Cart Productions

  6. Thanks, y’all!

  7. Is this kinda like re-orienting an Alzheimer’s patient over and over again?

    Things we thought were there aren’t there anymore, then they’re back, then they’re gone….


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