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Two doctors held over bomb attacks | the Daily Mail


Two doctors held over bomb attacks | the Daily Mail
Two doctors were among five people being held as terror suspects last night after the bomb plots in London and Glasgow.

One was one of two men who tried to drive a blazing Jeep packed with petrol, gas canisters and nails into Glasgow Airport on Saturday.

Read the article, see the photos. How would a physician, one sworn to defend and protect life, come to this? I don’t want to know.

From my cursory glance, the surviving individual (from all accounts not worthy of being addressed as a physician) has third degree burns on at least 70% of the body. (In one picture he’s wearing clothing that covers the back of the torso, so it’s possibly less or un-burned). Still horribly disfiguring injuries, and hard to survive.

richard[WINTERS]md and the Patient Introduction


He’s baaaack.  And with a spiffy new photo.

About time.