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Jane Galt is ticked off at Sony

You would be too!  Read her tale of crummy Sony VAIO customer service.

Mechanical Carrion and a Tomcat

An F-14 Tomcat.  It’s kind of hard to watch.

Oh, and just mute the 30 second entitlement propaganda at the beginning.

Update: the video linked above is now gone.  Probably just as well; I’d rather remember it flying.

Reality of Weighting

I have a friend who auditioned for the TV show Biggest Loser, but wasn’t selected.  In the best traditions of making lemonaid form the lemons, she formed an online blog / collaboration of similarly non-chosen people who want to lose weight as a support group.  I asked her a few months ago if I could blog about it, and the answer then was that it was early yet, let’s see how thing go.

Here’s how it’s going:

…And together, we’ve lost over 560 lbs in the past 15 weeks!!!  And we’re getting a little attention for it.  The last week or so we have been getting greater than 1000 hits per day.  Our “leader” told me yesterday that a national magazine is interested in doing a story about us.  Plus we have a couple nationally known trainers chatting with and advising us.

I think it’s terrific, and should you have an interest in joining, or just reading about their adventure, look here: Reality of Weighting.

We need a ruling here

Should I call in sick today?

Photo credit: Aerospace Genius