Archives for July 12, 2007

Emergency Physicians Monthly has re-done their site

EPMonthly is one of the monthly news magazines for Emergency Medicine, and it’s quite enjoyable.  They’ve had a web site for a while, but it was a bit hard to read (black text on a gray background, etc).

No more.  They’ve revamped the place, and now it’s easy to navigate and easy to read.  They intend to have a more-involved comment section, and I hope they get what they want.  (Their “Standard of Care” section could be a big beneficiary of direct comments).

Kudos to them, and here’s hoping for the best for EPMonthly!


I had a patient today who personified misunderstanding. I tell this not to embarrass my patient, but to give a glimpse into the life we lead in the ED, and the confusing cues that can occur:

After a history and physical examination, I began my new spiel, explaining what we would do, and the expected time:

Me: “We’re going to draw some blood, test your urine, and get a cat scan…”
Pt: “I don’t have a cat”.
Me: “…..Umm…., it’s an x-ray test”
Pt: “Oh, okay”.

Same patient, later:

Pt: “I’ve been pushing the TV button on my call button, but no TV has shown up yet”.
Me: “Your room doesn’t have a TV. It’s a generic nurse call button, and if your room had a TV that button would turn it on and off. Your room doesn’t have a TV.”
Pt: “Oh”.

I’m not completely sure I wasn’t on some Candid Camera thing, but nobody asked me to sign a release, so maybe I don’t understand.