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NHS Blog Doctor: Time for a break

NHS Blog Doctor: Time for a break
NHS BLOG DOCTOR is taking a break.

After only a few days away, I return to a deluge of emails which, even after the spam filters have done their work, I cannot manage.

A thousand words or so a day, which I have managed usually with pleasure for nineteen months has suddenly become impossibly demanding.
Time to recharge the batteries.

So, NHS BLOG DOCTOR is going into recess.

Have a good summer.

All being well, Dr Crippen will be back in the autumn, batteries recharged and ready for battle. There will still be much to discuss.

Now it’s going to be a long summer.  Come back when you’re ready!

Occasionally I really like people

My wallet beeps.

Well, the wallet doesn’t make a noise, but when I accompany my family to Old Navy or CVS I always set off the theft detectors at the door (on the way in, which is a fun way to get the attention of the cashiers). I know it’s the wallet from the last trip to Old Navy: while the family shopped, I emptied my pockets and went through the detectors until I determined the wallet was the culprit. I thought it might be my car keys, but no. The wallet beeps.

It’s been doing this for months, despite my digging through it many times looking for some magnetized strip, etc. It’s not there. Yet it beeps.

Today, as I entered CVS and my arrival was announced again, the cashier said “Come see me when you leave”, and meant it helpfully. Everything out of the wallet, a spin over the ‘demagnetizer’, and !viola!, when I left, no alarm!

It’s nice to met people who are helpful. I like them a lot, really.

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