Askimet and Skitch

First, the switch to WordPress seems to be a success, in that the built-in anti-spam plugin Askimet has missed exactly two spam messages, but caught the other 1,866. Niiiiice.


And, the above picture is via Skitch, a terrifically flexible screen capture / doodle-with-it program, currently free, but only for Mac (I knew the PowerBook would come in handy).

Since I’m self-censoring (and have had some weird cases, but have decided not to blog them) I’m trying hard not to do cat-blogging, or somesuch.

Update: I have one Skitch invitation left, send me an email (not a comment, click the ‘contact’ form).


  1. What is cat-blogging?

  2. Sounds like we need a gratuitous Prius post.


  3. Here’s my strategy to allow me to patient-blog but do so safely and ethically:

    I wait. I have a file of weird and interesting stuff I have seen. I try to make sure that at least six months goes by before I post a direct patient experience. Oh, yeah, and I make shit up — not the ‘good stuff’ but the extraneous details. I think that the combination of time and fictionalization do enough to satisfy reasonable concerns about patients identifying themselves.

    And I swear, the elf story is totally true!

  4. Carrie (NeoNurseChic) :) says:

    Is cat blogging blogging about your cat? I used to do lots of that, when I had a blog!! haha I blogged about a lot of random crap after I decided that blogging about job-related things was too stressful no matter how well-disguised and safe I made it. Now I just read everyone else’s blogs!! Although lately I’ve taken to reading honest to goodness books again!! (I stopped once I spent all my time reading stuff on the internet) I’ve now gotten myself hooked on Harry Potter, so I spend less time at the computer and more with my nose in a book. That’s not a bad thing, entirely! ;)

    What sort of PowerBook do you have? I have a G4… Right now, mine is having issues in that instead of the battery draining into the red and it giving me a warning message that my battery is low, it just shuts off with half battery power with no warning. I don’t know if that means the batterey is going bad or what, but it’s a pain! I’m also on my 3rd universal power cord and the silver jack going into the laptop still keeps bending and ripping, but I guard that thing very carefully when I plug/unplug the laptop now!! Otherwise, I love this thing – I’d never go back to PC in a million years after buying a Mac!! :)

    Take care,
    Carrie :)

  5. Talk about coincidence. I just discovered Akismet for ExpressionEngine. Its pretty darned good and even catches most trackbacks (in the EE port). I have to admit this is one of the more “Must have” add-ons for a CMS.

    As for the whole cat-blogging thing – been there, discussed weather

    I guess you have TBs turned off so here is my requiste pseudo-TB:
    Akismet, Comment Spam, And Trackbacks

  6. I try to do the wait-to-post thing like Shadowfox does, but haven’t been able to wait quite so long. I consider myself successful at waiting if I make it two weeks before I post, but then I definitely change things up a lot. It’s a bit stressful though, since I make no real effort to change/hide my identity I have to be extra careful to either a) be nice or b) only talk bad about VERY fictionalized patients and situations.

    Oh, and welcome to the WordPress club.

  7. You might want to add the Bad Behavior plugin as well. It often catches those few items that go through Akismet. Now, if someone would make an efficient anti-spam registration tool…