Cheney the GI man

I’ll grant you, he’s spent more time in hospitals than most Med Students, but he’s not up to this:

It takes a while to learn to run a colonoscope.


  1. I suppose that means he was also in charge of the bowel prep.

  2. I’m sure Cheney will finally find his chemical weapons in Bush’s colon.

  3. Major freakin’ LOL! Good thing I didn’t have a mouthful of coffee! : D

  4. Jack Coupal says:

    The DailyKos folks claim that Cheney has been in charge of the Bush Administration, so a colonoscopy should be child’s play for Cheney to perform.

    and, Greg P, Cheney would also have used an amnestic colon prep, so Bush would still be friends with him after the prep !

  5. Vice President missed a chance to apply a roto-rooter to DailyKosKids? Republicans aren’t what they used to be! Barry Goldwater wouldn’t have wasted the opportunity.