Gene for left-handedness is found

Well, now…

BBC NEWS | Health | Gene for left-handedness is found
Gene for left-handedness is found

The Oxford University-led team believe carrying the gene may also slightly raise the risk of developing psychotic mental illness such as schizophrenia.

Given the lefties in my own family, I’m glad we have a genetic explanation.  And, this explains some things…


  1. Slow news day? Although, given that I am a lefty, it’s interesting to know.

  2. More urgently, when will there be a cure?

  3. ‘Mental illness doesn’t run in my family, it gallops!’

    -Arsenic and Old Lace

  4. Those researchers most definitely did NOT contact me or the four generations of left handed women who preceded me on my Mother’s side of the fam. On my Daddy’s side of the fam I can only trace the Southpaws back three gens.

    While we’re not EXACTLY the Poster Children for Mental Health, there’s only ONE psychotic in the whole lot. The rest are your usual collection of Manic-Depressives, Depressives, a few Borderlines, A Narssissitic Personality Disorder, and some garden variety neurotics.

    OTOH, we ARE a creative and amusing lot.