Jane Galt is ticked off at Sony

You would be too!  Read her tale of crummy Sony VAIO customer service.


  1. PlanoTX says:

    It looks as though I can’t dig around in Jane Galt’s archives. This is what the link brought me:

    “403 Sorry, you aren’t allowed here!”

    It could be that her server doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle all those hits from Gruntdoc readers!

  2. I havent even considered getting a Sony Vaio — they are too expensive, but the biggest reason is that they are not friendly to Linux.

    As a rule, all computer customer service stinks. The best you can hope for is to have no reason to have to get something fixed.

    BTW, GruntDoc, why wont your comment area let me type an apostrophe (or use arrow keys)? At the moment Im not even using Linux — using WinXP.

  3. Can’t.





    Hmm. Looks okay from here.

  4. Who is Jane Galt?

  5. I built all of my personal computers… but I bought a Dell for my mother a couple of years ago. (It was so cheap, I couldn’t build it for the same price.)

    Customer service is nothing short of astounding. I’ve never known ANY company that takes customer service as serious as Dell.

    If I ever buy another name-brand computer, it will very likely be a Dell. (They’re in Texas, btw.)

    End of commercial.

    – Dean