Mechanical Carrion and a Tomcat

An F-14 Tomcat.  It’s kind of hard to watch.

Oh, and just mute the 30 second entitlement propaganda at the beginning.

Update: the video linked above is now gone.  Probably just as well; I’d rather remember it flying.


  1. It reminds me of a sped up video of deep sea scavengers devouring a carcass.

    I wonder what the metal is going to become.

  2. I was reminded of birds of prey. Or perhaps some raptor or other mid-sized dinosaur.


  3. Off to become bicycles or motorcycles or computer cases. I guess you could melt the engine parts for new engines, would be a shame to waste all that nice high-tech material.

  4. Aerospace Genius says:

    There cannot be a relation between quality of life and circumstances of death. What an horrific end for a dominant flying machine worthy of the respect of present and future generations. A much more fitting disposition would have been restoration and display at a park, school, or college, continuing its’ service by inspiring future generations of aviators, engineers, patriots, and warriors.

    “I feel the need, the need for Speed.”

  5. I suppose a moment of silence for Goose is in order…

    ::all quiet::

    ::and done::

    “Negative, Ghostwriter, the pattern is full”

  6. Jim in Texas says:

    My wife cried when she saw the same treatment meted out to the B-52’s in the bone yard. She use to work at the hospital at Davis Monthan and could see the old 52’s outside the window where she worked. She always loved them and to see them meet the same ignominious end was too emotional for her.

    I have to admit that any famous warbird meeting the same fate kind of chokes me up and I refuse to ever watch the same thing happen to an F-4. I put too many hours of sweat (AND blood!!) on those ugly hogs to calmly watch them get chopped up.

  7. Jim in Texas says:

    P.S. Oh, F-111s. Chop every damn one of those pigs into tinfoil and I’ll cheer. Hell, I’ll HELP. Gawd, I hated that airframe…..