“This is my doctor…

..and he’s very good looking”…

Occasionally I get to care for patients who have lost their vision late in life, usually due to macular degeneration, and for some reason the vast majority are female. They will nearly always early in their evaluation, tell me this:

“Doctor, I’m sorry, but I’m blind (from Macular Degeneration)” to which I reply “That’s too bad, because I’m very good looking”. They always chuckle, and then we move on with whatever problem brought them to the ED. (The three readers who actually are aware of my appearance are under no obligation to defend my visage. I’m in my forties, and resemble Ren more than Brad Pitt. I’m okay with who I am. The truth is in the rest of the story).

Some time will pass, the patients’ workup will be finished, and I’ll go back to see my sight-impaired patient. After I say hello, this almost always happens: the patient will say, out of the blue: “This is my doctor, who is very good looking”. The patients’ friends all wonder if there is another doctor in the room, or chuckle pleasantly, but the tension is gone, and we have a pleasant conversation about their problem and their care.

I like caring for people, and sometimes wonder if appearances get in the way. If my late in life blind patients are any indication, the answer is yes.


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    You’ve had a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye, and a positive attitude ALL your life.
    From your #1 all time fan, your mom —
    Mrs. Fred

  2. It is true, he says it….the patients love it…..i get this a lot, ” you remind me of my grand-daughter, niece….etc” and I always reply back, “they must be real cute” mostly cause I think it is funny, not cause I think it is true, old people love that stuff, they think it is funny!!! and, I like to make them laugh!

  3. Actually I think you’re more of a Stimpy.

    But I do love your sense of humor…especially in dealing with patients.