Wife, 2 daughters dead after doctor’s family held hostage – CNN.com

Wife, 2 daughters dead after doctor’s family held hostage – CNN.com
CHESHIRE, Connecticut (AP) — At least two men broke into a prominent doctor’s home early Monday, kidnapped a female family member to withdraw money from a bank and then killed his wife and their two daughters, police said.

Utterly horrible.


  1. TheNewGuy says:

    Good Lord… I wonder if he knew any of them professionally.

  2. See, I personally think that however this family died was probably a worse way to die than the Rocuronium. But YMMV.

  3. HM2(FMF) Heidrich says:

    And that is why I will always own and possibly carry a firearm.

  4. TheNewGuy says:

    After reading a few news reports on this, it appears that the home invasion was done at about 3AM… the family was probably dead asleep.

    Try this link

    From the sounds of it, these guys were not simple crackheads. They were veteran, sophisticated, calculating predators… the oldest one apparently had many burglaries to his credit. He even wore night vision goggles to surveil target homes before breaking in. I’m not sure how much preparation you can do to prevent a rapid entry and wee-hours-of-the-morning assault by a couple of guys like that, particularly when they’re properly equipped and prepared.

    I feel terrible for the physician… the two murderers have definitely earned a ride in the electric chair.