Archives for August 24, 2007

Day Off: 1 of 3

Since I have nothing terribly interesting medical to say, here’s a tiny slice of my incredibly dull life:

Replaced the Reverse Osmosis filters. Thrills of home ownership.

Started troubleshooting my yard sprinklers, which weren’t working (again). This is usually a ‘stuck valve’, trying to water two zones at once. The diagnosis is usually to find the mushy area, that’s where the valve is stuck open. While investigating, noted a river of water coming out of a drainage tube that’s new. Oh, oh. Not a broken valve, it’s the main supply tube to the entire system that’s broken. Under about 5 feet of new dirt and retaining wall.


So, my wife had the obvious solution (which wasn’t obvious to me until she said it), “Why not run a new supply line that avoids that area”?, and the digging was on.

I’m terribly glad I work with a pen, indoors. This shovel work is hard.

Enough from me. More digging tomorrow.