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Kayaking the Mighty Trinity

Kayaking on the Mighty Trinity.

Eight Things About Me

Tagged by the Bohemian Road Nurse, and having nothing else to say, I’ll play along with the meme, “Admit eight things about yourself”.

  1. I’m not nearly as nice, or collected, as is portrayed on the blog. I’m able to filter my life through the keyboard. I am occasionally very pleasant, am usually at least sociable, but have my moments I’m not too proud of.
  2. “I have No Physical Talents: That’s why I went to medical school”. Well, the lack of physical talents is correct, but, that’s not why I went to med school, it’s just an amusing thing I say. I do have good reflexes and don’t mind strenous activities, but sportsman or athlete will never be my appellation.
  3. I went to medical school because I didn’t want to get a real job, not because of any single high-minded ideal. Oh, I’ve grown into it, but it wasn’t any desire to ‘help people’ or anything goofy like that. (I think that if your motivation for medical school is “I want to help people” you just haven’t met enough of them. I told interviewers I wanted a profession, something that would keep my mind sharp, and challenge me.)
  4. I know the tunes to about 1,000 songs, and the words to about 30. Band-kid problem; you don’t need lyrics in the band.
  5. I don’t want an iPod. I know this makes me one of about 20 people on earth who have no desire to add a soundtrack to my life, but frankly I don’t see the point. I’ve bought them for relatives, and played with them, but it’s nothing I’m interested in.
  6. TV medicine gives me hives. The only show I can watch is Scrubs, mostly because it’s a sitcom set in a hospital, not due to its medical content. And I laugh out loud. (There’s a cut-out here for the first year or two of ER, when I was a doc for the USMC, wanting nothing more than to be an EM resident. I watched a lot of it, yelled at the TV when they got things wrong, and enjoyed it).
  7. I’m big on personal/family security. Because of that, nothing else will be said. (I think this has to do with SomeDude, and my real job in the ED).
  8. I generally consider these memes dull, contrived reasons to fill a blog. So, I’ll not pass this one on. (I break chain-letters, too).

So, now you know a little more about me. Sorry ’bout that.