Ankle bracelets and medical nomenclature

Ex-astronaut can take off ankle bracelet –
(CNN) — A former NASA astronaut accused of assaulting a romantic rival at a Florida airport can take off her electronic tracking bracelet while she awaits trial, a judge ruled Thursday.

When I come across these in my ED, I describe them as “judicial bracelet(s)” in the record. What do y’all do? Ignore them?  If you don’t, how do you describe them?


  1. The Urban Dictionary suggests “Lojack”.


  2. I do not comment on them unless there is some relevance.

  3. William the Coroner says:

    I use “black plastic ankle thing.”

  4. Young hollywood would refer to them as “chic” ;-)

  5. I think ‘Friendship bracelet from your former cellmate’ has a nice ring to it.

    I miss the ER. Biochemistry is tedious.

  6. I wouldn’t talk about it unless it was on a swollen, broken ankle and I had to cut it off or something like that. All 3 times my ex-husband had to wear one (AYEEE), he just called them ankle bracelets, or, more formally, electronic home monitoring bracelets.

  7. All 3 times my ex-husband had to wear one


  8. ScribeTurnedMSI says:

    Hmm, maybe Big Brother’s charm bracelet?

    I definately know how you feel, although for me it’s anatomy, biochem comes around at the end of October. Hope you’re enjoying it.

  9. Do what docs & Marines always do!! Use the initials or makle an acronym. Say, “ETB?” “e-bracelet?” “e-nanny?” That way, you’ll get to explain it to the jury when you are called to testify. ;-)

  10. We call it the Martha Stewart Ankle Braclet