AP: Pain medicine use has nearly doubled

AP: Pain medicine use has nearly doubled – Yahoo! News

The amount of five major painkillers sold at retail establishments rose 90 percent between 1997 and 2005, according to an Associated Press analysis of statistics from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

…and the pendulum begins to swing back…


  1. What do you mean by the pendulum swinging back? Did pain meds see a drop in sales prior to 1997?

  2. That’s because everyone can now say their pain is a “10”.
    Is the pain scale really a devious invention by BigPharma?
    I’d like to officially spread that rumor.

  3. The reason pain medication has doubled is because pain patients can no longer be dismissed as “cry babies”. I’m sure there is a direct correlation between the mandated MD approach to pain and the rise in the use of pain killers.

  4. Um,I think maybe we need to back up from the ‘buzzed nation’.

    From my standpoint, pain should be managed. This does not mean life should be pain-free. There’s a significant difference.

    As for the pendulum swinging, I mean that patterns change with scrutiny, and pain medicines are probably overprescribed.

  5. Heaven help you if you question their pain also, as being insensative or even getting in trouble for even questiong the “poor soul” who’s pain is so unbearable you know they are med shopping. Ah great thing the pain scale and of course the right not to be able to question how bad it really is, I mean the pain is “always what the patient is and nothing else……………..”