Yeah, the blog’s dull.

I’ve recently finished working 9 in a row, and am suitably fatigued. This does not excuse the lack of free ice cream, and you’d think it’d give hours of blogfodder. You’d be wrong.

Oh, four years ago I’d rant about how getting liquored-up and riding a motorcycle in flipflops and cutoffs would be a bad idea, how not having the $4 for your meds at WalMart might not make the ED doc smile at 0200, etc. Perhaps the blogs’ maturing, possibly I’m maturing. Perhaps, and possibly.

It occurs to me that maybe I’m dull. That’ll be an alternate hypothesis.


  1. Nah — just tired — It’ll be better after some sleep

  2. Jim in Texas says:

    Naw, if you were dull I’d told you years ago. I’ve commented several times that I like your style and I really appreciate it when you don’t have anything to say, you usually don’t.

    Hug your wife, play with the kids, ride the bike. Decompress.

    I suspect that sometimes the important things get lost in the static of everyday life.

    My father always told me not to sweat the small shit, the secret was to recognize that it’s ALL small shit.

  3. Never blog when bleary.

  4. It’s probably because your Bull Shit meter is full. I finally quite the ER schtick after 10 years and I can’t believe how long its taking me to become civil again. I mean; I didn’t realize how numb I was. I really didn’t give a flying f*** about patients. My patient empathy was clouded by “ER bullshit”! Now after only 1 month at a new job; I can safely say about 10% of the ER induced “fog” has lifted. So by next summer I should be able to converse civily with my family again!


  5. Nope, you are not dull!!!

    You have hit the summer blogging slump. I had it baaaad

  6. Doc,
    I can say personally that dull is not in your nature. Exhausted, sure but never dull. I am sure that once you have recovered and gotten through the summer slump.

    Take care,