Wild headline department

I was looking forward to reading about something new in Trauma (which would be a nice change) when I started this article:

Toxic Shock Drug Might Aid Trauma VictimsU.S. News & World Report

Norepinephrine added to fluids protects against blood loss, study finds

By Carolyn Colwell
Posted 9/27/07

THURSDAY, Sept. 27 (HealthDay News) — The drug norepinephrine may come to the rescue of trauma victims suffering from heavy blood loss and shock, a French study in rats suggests.

Oh.  French rats. 



  1. Vasopressin isn’t available in France. Huh?!? It’s a simple peptide for crying out loud, how expensive can it be? (I have no idea how much it is here, but it should be dirt cheap)

    Seems like a BS study all the way around; USNWR’s sensational headlines just makes it worse.

  2. Paramedic Tim says:

    Hey Enrico, you’re confusing Vasopressin (synthetic ADH) with Levophed (norepinephriin bitartrate)… which is waaay older and cheaper than Vasopressin, anyway. Too many darned drugs to keep track of nowadays, aren’t there?