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Hallway Four and ‘customer service’

In the ‘why didn’t I say that’ category goes Hallway Four: The customer is always right when… « Hallway Four

The picture of The Customer is Always Right poster is dead-on.

Change of Shift is up

here: madness: tales of an emergency room nurse: to bob barker…thanks for the memories

Microsoft and the EMR

To swipe a lead-in from the WSJ Healthcare Blog, “Microsoft finally beat Google at something”.

From the straight reporting:

The Wall Street Journal Home PageA new Microsoft Web site announced Thursday, called HealthVault, includes a secure way to upload data such as blood-pressure readings so consumers can keep record of their health information. The “personal health center,” as Microsoft calls it, is designed to allow consumers to share such information with physicians and other medical professionals. The site also offers Internet search and a Web page for viewing and organizing articles and other information on health.

HealthVault is the latest step in a two-year effort by Microsoft to build software and services in the health field, targeting both consumers and health-care organizations. The company has quietly built a group of programmers and professionals with related expertise, and purchased several companies to help speed its move into healthcare.

I think this could be a very important development toward a more-universal EHR.  The current focus on internet-connectible BP monitors is weird, and what I’d like to see it used for are things like your latest EKG, etc.  I would guess major clinics and hospitals will partner with MS as a ‘value-added’ feature to entice patients to use their health system (“we’ll make your results available to all your doctors 24/7” sound more reassuring and less like a threat to privacy).

We’ll see how this plays out, and I think it’s got a lot of promise (and some talented deep-pockets behind it), so here’s to MS for getting out in front on internet storage of health care information.