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How to make coffee 102

Coffee 101: put coffee in filter, add water to reservoir, and turn on the heat. You’ve got that, this is 102.

This is very-modestly advanced coffee making, but the payoffs are:

  • better tasting coffee (I don’t know why)
  • no coffee grounds in the pot
  • much easier to clean the basket after brewing
  • elevation in the coffee making ranks

Begin with standard hospital coffee reagents: low-bid coffee, two filters, and a budget drip coffeemaker:
Coffee making reagents needed

Add your normal amount of coffee to filter 1:

Coffee added to filter 1

Gather the edges of filter 1, to enclose all the coffee in one filter:

Coffee filter 1 gathered for next step

Place filter one gathered-edge down into filter 2:

Filter 1 in 2

Add filters 1 & 2 to the basket, and make your coffee.

Both filters in basket, ready to brew

Be prepared to do it over and over when people tell you your coffee is good!