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Emergency Physicians Monthly is blogging ACEP’s Scientific Assembly

Here’s their first blog entry from ACEP:

ACEP Blog: From the floor
Monday, 08 October 2007

Nothing says ACEP Scientific Assembly like a line of 50 docs waiting for a mug a free coffee. That’s right, it’s Monday morning, the first day of the ACEP convention, and activities got started early. ..

Opening lectures began at 7:30, if you can believe it. I hope the speaker was from the East Coast and still jet-lagged. The minute the docs start surging into the exhibit hall, the stories start flying. Here are just a few highlights from the morning:

I wish I’d thought of that.  It would have given me a reason to actually attend (besides all the wonderful talks).

And this from Logan Plaster at EP Monthly:

If [your / our] readers have any questions about the convention, we aim to seek out answers and post them in real time.

There’s a ‘contact’ form at the blog link, so ask questions for them there, not here.