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Marginal Revolution: How to debate health care policy

Marginal Revolution: How to debate health care policy
How to debate health care policyHealth care policy should be debated through micro-facts. Let’s consider a few:

1. American health care outcomes look much better once we adjust for race and other demographic factors, including violence and car crashes. Some groups — such as Asian-American women — have remarkably good health care outcomes.

2. Some of the health care savings of other systems occur through price effects (e.g., doctors are paid an average of $60,000 in France) and do not involve real resource savings.

There’s more, and a common-sense set of ground rules at the end. Looks good to me!

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MedBlogs Grand Rounds 4.04

NY Emergency Medicine: Come one, come all…
Welcome to NY Emergency Medicine and to this week’s edition of Grand Rounds!

It’s by an ER Doc, so what’s not to like?