How to Tell Off a Drug Rep

Read it and chuckle:

Letter to a Drug Rep : PANDA BEAR, MD


  1. I’m a drug rep. Now, before you start cursing me, please read on.

    The reason all you see is the young, idiot drug reps is because of your specialty–Emergency. Newbie reps start out selling antibiotics, cough/cold, antihypertensives, sampled meds–the common stuff.

    The older, experienced drug reps can be found mostly in oncology. Average age of an onc rep is mid-40’s. Average experience in the industry is >17 years.

    I’m a 46-year old woman, and have worked for biotech oncology companies exclusively for 15 years. I have a degree in biology (Honors) and a minor in chemistry. I was also an undergraduate fellow in microbiology. Does that make me a doctor? Hell no. But I also was not selling cosmetics yesterday either, like some of the young women I see being hired now. I won’t hesitate to spend more time telling the oncologist where NOT to use our chemo drug than where to use it, because believe it or not, I truly care and want the onc to be successful when he uses our product. I would never have survived this long in the industry if I just tried to shove drugs down clinicians’ throats.

    I’m sorry that all you get to interact with is the Newbies. You are only seeing the beginners. Give the kiddos a break, and remember when you were a first-year med student. Just know that the smarter ones who do more listening than talking will still be around in a few years. The idiots won’t.