Mac OS X Leopard

I just upgraded the Mac.  Totally painless.  I started it, went to work, came back and it was up and running.

Now I sound like one of those horrible Mac-o-philes.  Yick.

Your next box should be a Mac.  I cannot believe I just typed that, but it’s true.


  1. Ditto, I made the move on Friday. I switched from Parallels to VMWare Fusion as well.

  2. Paralells is working fine for me, though it did crash with the first attempt at launch (a restart fixed it).

    This is a weird upgrade for a MS guy. Nothing broken? Things work? Strange.

  3. I’m trying to justify to my wife the purchase of a macbook pro to finish 3 years of med school with. I’m relatively certain my Toshiba low-end laptop won’t last the time. Any recommendations on whether to break the bank with a high quality laptop and try to make it last 4 years vs getting a cheapy every couple?


  4. TheNewGuy says:

    Jeez… don’t apologize, GD. There’s nothing wrong with a good Mac (disclaimer: I don’t own one, and never have).

    I’ve always said that the problem with Macs is not their hardware (IMO a bit overpriced) or their software (I’m a *nix guy, so Mac’s OS’s are near-and-dear to my heart)… it’s their users.

    Your post made me laugh this AM… Now I sound like one of those horrible Mac-o-philes. Yick.


  5. Has anyone tried the now-included Boot Camp? I actually like the idea of a virtualized environment for Windows rather than a native one. I have a feeling it’s a little ‘safer’, but that’s just a guess.

    Anyone out there know?

  6. So now you’re a Prius-driving Mac-o-phile. Can vegetarianism be far behind?


  7. Well what took ya so long! : D

    I’m waiting for Leopard to be delivered any day now.

  8. I used Macs from 1987-1998 and from 2006 to now and all the system upgrades were “unevents.” I’ve used Win systems since 1998 — the only “unevent” with a system upgrade was from Win2000 to WinXP — but then there was a hugh delay in driver support.

    Fusion seems to start up and run faster then Parallels — I haven’t had to use my Win machines for about 9 months now. IE 7 and Outlook 2007 run much faster under Fusion then native on a Win machine — go figure… The sophistication of the virtualizations really leaves no reason (for me at least) to ever buy a Win machine again. Besides, if its good enough for the Marines it is good enough…


  9. Leopard rocks! Have you noticed iCal’s icon displays the current date now, even when it’s not open? I thought that was a nice touch.

    I’d stick with Parallels vs Boot Camp. Boot Camp means you have to reboot your computer just to get into Windows and reboot back for Leopard. If Parallels does everything you need, then Boot Camp is of no use to you. :)

  10. GodofCrabs says:

    Macs and me can only be described as envy….mostly for being out of my pocketbook’s range. Beautiful machines.

    Jared: I would recommend a Tablet Convertible PC in lieu of a Powerbook for the moment. Mine’s a refurb gateway cx210, reasonably durable, quite stable, and holds every note, slide, and HM assignment I’ve done for 1 1/2 now. It brilliant with organization, is great for starting conversations, and might even make you look younger.

    Gateway’s a bunch of refurb models up right now @ for excellent prices given their usefulness.

  11. Scalpel, I like veggies! They go well with a tasty steak.


  12. I knew there was a reason I liked you! Be proud, say it loud! You sound like the French. LOL! j/k

    I’m late to the Leopard party; I have too much backing up to do–not so much because I’m scared of the install, just because, as Wilford Brimley said, “It’s the right thing to do.” I’ll hold off on my 10.5 comments until I’ve had some time to play for real. I’m not at all interested in the eye candy, Time Machine (at least not the visual part of it), etc.–I want XCode 3 and the 64-bit environment for certain scientific and programming hobbies. Übergeek here.

    Regarding VMware vs. Parallels, although it got better with this, I still cringed when I saw the memory Parallels was eating up. I have a dual G5 tower and an Intel MBP, so my only experience is w/the laptop in which I only have 2G memory. Parallels seemed way too sluggish, even though I know I could give it major resources.

    Then I switched to VMWare. I even didn’t have to re-do my windowsXP partition, since I used vmware’s tool to convert it. It’s faster in EVERY WAY. I finally feel like I have the real dual-core processor under the hood. I also run Fedora Core 6 (Linux), and it’s gravy.

    Boot camp? Pffft. The only reason Boot Camp *COULD* be an advantage is if you wanted to run Vista Professional or Enterprise, since their EULA doesn’t allow virtualization *cough*bullshi*cough*, but you lose all the advantages of sharing in REAL TIME all the Mac/VH data.

    Ok, enough geeking out for now. :)

  13. GD- I used Bootcamp with Tiger in beta and now with Leopard. Works flawlessly for me.


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