Texas Tort Reform: One View from the Legal Side

Of course, when docs and insurance companies say this it’s just people with a financial incentive lining their pockets at the expense of patients.  Now lawyers are pointing out the same thing:

Once suffering from a doctor shortage, the Lone Star State can now brag it has longest wait list of wanna-be MDs in the country.  [GruntDoc: actually, they’re real doctors, just not licensed in Texas yet.]
Medical specialists are flocking to Texas from places like New York and Florida, attracted by new laws curbing frivolous lawsuits and the low malpractice insurance rates they’ve begotten. Austin’s biggest health care crisis today: figuring out how to process the deluge of Texas Medical Board applications to set up shop in our state.

Medical malpractice reform, we now know, is working for Texas.

We mean for the patients. It isn’t working for the trial lawyers, to be sure. But then again, it wasn’t intended to.
Alas, it comes as no surprise that, in light of all this good news, Texas’ lawsuit industry is still angling behind the scenes to bring back our state’s jackpot justice-happy past.

Unsurprisingly plaintiff’s attorneys aren’t taking this lying down, and are back to the courts to try to overturn Texas’ medmal reform.  Read the article for details.


via the Kevin, MD news clipping service.


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