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More busybodies who should butt-out: Anti-porn Groups Demand Ban on Skin Mags

Anti-porn Groups Demand Ban on Skin Mags
Anti-porn Groups Demand Ban on Skin Mags
UPI | November 06, 2007
WASHINGTON — Dozens of anti-pornography groups asked the U.S. Congress to force the Pentagon to keep sexually related material from being sold in military stores.Pornographic material was banned from being sold in military establishments nearly 10 years ago, but Christian group American Family Association claimed that adult fare, including Penthouse and Playboy material, is still being sold in the stores, USA Today reported Monday.

Umm, we’re not talking about sales to minors here, we’re talking about adults (male and female) who are willing to put on the uniform and put up with the inevitable deprivations. Should they decide to spend their dollars on smut it isn’t anyones’ business but theirs. And, Congress should be ashamed they pandered and caved on this trivial issue.

I’m a personal little “l” libertarian on issues like this, and it’s nobody’s business what legal product is sold on base to adults. Cigarettes are still sold there, by the way, but this faux-moralism is a fun club for the holier-than-thou to wield.

Oh, and they should be able to drink at 18, too. That’s not part of this, but I just wanted to get it out there.