Concentrated Navel Gazing

That’s a term for blogging about blogging, or in this case, blogging about the actions behind the scenes of the blog.

I just added SpamKarma2 due to an increasing (and tedious) amount of comment spam to this nearly-anonymous blog. I tell you this so that, should your comment get bounced, I sincerely want you to tell me. Hit the ‘contact’ form and a) email me your comment and b) to let me know f it’s working against me / us.

Now back to the irregular, unscheduled programming.

Updated: now disabled. It caused some terribly bizarre behavior, and is off.

Update2 (11-28@2230): Back on.  The weirdness from last night was reported to be ‘server overload’ that had nothing to do with Spam Karma.  So, again, lemme know if it does something untoward.


  1. Hi GruntDoc, I responded to your “Imperfect End.” Thought I would get the message to you here and see if it would get through your Karma system. I sort of liked my comment. I hope you find it. Sort of curious getting stuck in a spam filter.

  2. Karmic connection succeeded.

    Good luck with it, GD. DB has had problems with it, so I hope those were just isolated cases.


  3. I know, I know, two tests should be enough. I, however, can’t pass up a challenge.

    Apparently, SpamKarma is working properly.