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The Physician Executive: Doctors and Customer Service

The Physician Executive: Doctors and Customer Service

A terrific entry on Customer Service, and how Medicine maybe isn’t as bad as we think. His summation is excellent:

We can lose sight of the fact that, compared to the level of service received in retail, business services, financial services, hospitality, IT and others, health care does reasonably well. We can lose sight that the law of diminishing returns dictates that significant improvements from here will be prohibitively expensive and pack only a small punch. Sometimes, the emphasis on customer service can belittle a worthy industry and its workforce.

Nobody’s perfect, and being pretty good doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a little harder, but his payoff says it all:

Personally, I think we are doing well, and our weaknesses come to rise from the expectations that grow as a consequence of our success.

Read it all.

via Kevin Josh, MD

Twas The Blog Before Christmas « Ten out of Ten

Twas The Blog Before Christmas « Ten out of Ten

The Night Before Christmas, medblogger-style. I get to be the Patriarch. Heh.

Dr. Wes: Remembering

Dr. Wes: Remembering

A moving tribute to his father.

Texas Top Ten Insurance Fraud Cases – The Doc’s is the Worst

Apologies to Kevin, MD, here’s another in the Doctors Gone Wild series:

Top Ten Insurance Fraud Cases – Fiscal Year 2007
Ira Klein, a former doctor from Houston, developed several schemes to defraud health insurers, including billing for services not rendered, unbundling pharmaceutical drugs and selling them at a substantial profit and up-coding. Klein was convicted in federal court on 44 counts of mail fraud and sentenced to serve 135 months in prison for his part in defrauding health insurers of more than $10 million dollars. Prior to his Texas court appearance, Klien was arrested in Florida for setting fire to a $3.2 million dollar house he purchased for his wife. Then while awaiting trial in a Texas jail, Klein attempted to execute a murder-for-hire plot against the federal prosecutor, FBI agent and wife number six. It was unfortunate for Klein who lost another $250,000 after the government forfeited the money he wired to pay for the murder-for-hire plot. Authorities also seized in excess of $10 million of Klein’s assets; those funds will be used to offset the court ordered restitution of $11 million dollars.

10 million? That’s a lot of procedures, and a lot of bills. I’m not surprised this got investigated.

Via Sleepless in Midland who had a more personal response.