Fort Worth will take blood from DWI suspects | 12/28/2007 | Fort Worth will take blood from DWI suspects
Fort Worth will take blood from DWI suspects

FORT WORTH — Fort Worth motorists who get pulled over on New Year’s Eve and think they can beat a drunken driving conviction by refusing a breath test had better think again.

Fort Worth police are going to get a search warrant and take your blood.

So, do not drink and drive. If the cops draw your blood you’re lucky, because if our ED nurses are drawing your blood you’re probably injured.


  1. Nurse 1961 says:

    Most of the time the cops bring the offender in so we do draw their blood.

    It seems that our police officers are not trained to be phlebotomists so they need some one who is considered by the courts as a qualified.

    Don’t worry we will use a needle and syringe, probable the 16ga. needles I have been saving just for the right patient.

    Looks like they will bring them to me.

  2. I don’t drink and drive, but I’d rather resist, get beaten and taken to the ER than have some cop with a learners permit sticking holes in me.

  3. New Year’s Eve affectionately called amateur night. Yep, come on in all ye who are drunk and disorderly and we will give you…….well, you fill in the blank.