Happy Birthday Brother

Another in a series…


  1. I wish him Happy Birthday too. Is this really your brother? I too had brownish-tinted aviator glasses. His eyes look pretty and large — so guessing he isn’t myopic. Well, I kind of suck as a photo-detective… Nope, I see not a whiff of GruntDoc in this photo. Your adopted brother?

  2. Yep, they really ARE brothers. When they were youngsters, we (their parents) were stopped on the street by people who assured us that “this boy has big brown eyes”!
    Happy birthday to you from the Pholks.

  3. Hey, today is MY brother’s birthday, too.

    Happy birthday brothers.

  4. Goatwhacker says:

    The poor guy looked alarmingly like I did at that age.

  5. Aerospace Genius says:


    I’d say that photo captured the peak of my handsomeness.

  6. oh boy, GruntDoc, I am thinking you might ban me from further comments.
    Howdy to Mrs. Fred and the Pholks. Love that ‘rents are on line and over here. My folks are still playing NPR on their vacuum tubes stereo-radio.

    GruntDoc and his brother have ginormous eyes! Also detected: major curly long eyelashes. Plus, this brother (would that be Aerospace Genius?) also has a charming natural wave to the hair. You are handsome fellows!