Losing another

I found out recently (I’m usually the last to know) that one of our best nurses is off to the carpeted zone, that area of the hospital that consumes good people and delivers paper and protocols to the ones actually doing the work of the hospital.

Like my kids, I love all our nurses equally, though there’re some that seem to get what being an ED nurse entails more than others, and there are the few who can anticipate the next three moves, make them happen, and tell you when it’s done. It’s wonderful when they have your patients, as they’re in good hands and so are you.

This disappointment means a couple of things, good and bad. The good news is that I’m finally in one place long enough to be an ‘old timer’, but it’s actually painful to watch the terrific nurses go.

So, here’s to you, and best of luck in the less-exciting but more stable life outside the Emergency Department.


  1. As we are 95% female, most with children and whatnot, the stable hours and lack of working holidays or weekends is very attractive, even if it means you’re selling out.

    Right now, for instance, is supposedly a “day off”, but I feel so beat down from switching from overnights to daytime hours that I can’t enjoy it. Ten more years of this, and I’ll be begging for a clipboard and an office, I’m sure.

    At least she’s a nurse with a clipboard who knows what non-clipboard nursing is like.

  2. Goatwhacker says:

    I’ve often thought it is unfortunate that advancement and recognition for nurses usually means less patient care and more administration. The best docs usually develop a good reputation and get very busy seeing patients – the best nurses end up going to meetings. I don’t blame them….just saying it’s too bad.

  3. I’m an ER nurse and I’d just like to say thank you for appreciating the work that we do. I hope I’m one of those nurses that you mention in your post. I do strive to do what is best.

  4. What a great post! The higher you go in nursing, the less patient care you have and the less money you make.

    Don’t be surprised if she comes back from the world of the carpet – the two times I tried to leave the ER I got bored and came back! : )

  5. The carpet world is a black hole that pulls you in and sucks the life out of you.

    I escaped two years ago, now I live in the world of indoor/outdoor carpet. I get time in the office, but also have time in the ED.

    Sometimes I only am out on the floor for 12 minutes at a time, but I work hard every minute.