Movin’ Meat: It’s been nice to know you

I had the temerity to point out some less-than-effective nursing behavior before, and was threatened with a range of personal revenge up to and including threatened (but not acted upon) unprofessional behavior.  Mine was mild compared to Dr. Shadowfax’s, with the tag line:

Movin’ Meat: Death of a thousand little cuts

But the rest of the day was no different. Note that during this whole time the nurses weren’t exactly jumping on the other patients, either. Getting anything done was like pulling teeth. I hate to rag on nurses, since without them I get nothing done, and many a good nurse has saved my ass. But good lord it’s infuriating when you are stuck with the “B” team.

I predict his local nursing mafia will make him Persona Non Grata, and he’s going to have to kiss a lot of B-team backside to get out of this one.  (And, we’ve all been there, I’ve just actively censored myself before posting.)

So, syonara Shadowfax, it’s been nice to know you.


  1. No way. The nurses in this story sound horrible. Part of being a good nurse is knowing when to worry and when to relax. Something, these nurses, had no idea about apparently. I can’t imagine any backlash from this.


  2. Actually, I can imagine backlash. I’ll be specific: I can’t imagine any appropriate backlash.

  3. C’mon now, we know what “Persona non grata” means, no need to link it to Wikipedia…

  4. The B-team stays the B-team with poor leadership. Why was the charge nurse sitting at a desk and not helping or actively motivating???

    Gives us all a bad rap.

    Sometimes you only have to work 12 minutes a day to make a big difference. But knowing what to do and getting it done makes an A-team.

  5. Seems like a “jumped the shark” moment.

  6. I’m a nurse. I hate getting stuck with the b team, too.

  7. No death threats yet. (though I scan the rooftops for snipers when I leave the ED.)

    I think it’s because I didn’t blame “all” nurses, but just the “B Team.” Nobody thinks they are on the “B Team,” so it’s OK to rag on them.

  8. Nobody thinks they are on the “B Team,” so it’s OK to rag on them.

    I think blogging nurses probably correlate with the A-team. If you care enough about nursing/medicine to write about it, you’re probably on the A-team. Who knows. Maybe we all totally suck too.

  9. A couple of our “B team” nurses once made a comment about how they were the “A team,” so now when any of our staff say we’re working with the “A team” it’s a putdown.


  10. where is their sense of professionalism or concern for their patients? hell, i bet their butts move if they knew the patient personally. i am an A, that the doctors expect to also pick up the slack for the B’s and after 20+ years in the ER, that is getting tired. so i am A for my team only these days, for the other a nurses do not pick up the slack at all, for i am always out last–i am 45 with a 18 month old! if the patient is a critical–if course i am going to run that room and kick the B’s butt into gear–but times have changed–our unit is not the family it use to me–all helping one another–a true team approach 24/7. there are a of couple doctors who become B, when the shit hits the fan–too many patients, or too many criticals at the same time–so the room grinds to a halt. the patients and the waiting room becomes hostile, and the nurses are on the receiving end of all complaints.

    have i ever paid a doctor back–well, if you spend too much time on the phone with personal calls, and surfing the net shopping, instead of seeing patients when it is a heck day–yes, because you are screwing with my patients, and not paying them the attention/care they deserve!