Pearl Harbor Day

Thanks to our Pearl Harbor vets.


  1. no comments?! that is a shame. i remembered the day–soon-there will be no one that fought in WWII. i am 45 and i remember meeting vets from WWI. we can never forget this day and those that we lost. it just was not a film. my father lied about his age to serve in the marines. if the marines had their own med core–i would have enrolled when i graduated, but no such thing as a marine nurse. too bad. we need to remember to honor those that served, not to continue the cultural dislike–peace is what they fought for and achieved.

  2. i forgot to say with each vet i meet, i ask them about they service in WWII, and drink in the history. i have meet US and german servicemen. people that grew up in europe and japan during war, and at the age of 20, as a new nurse i saw one of those nasty number tattoos on an elderly woman’s arm. she was shocked i knew what it was, being catholic, without asking –how did she know i knew-she saw the tears in my eyes that day.

    i have met a man that was an aide to Patton; an german that served on the russian front–at 80, still suffering the effects on the frostbite left on his legs. he was afraid at first to talk to me, but i started, about how horrid the conditions were, and how none of them should have been sent there. even though he is a US citizen, the german government sends him funds annually for serving and two pair of custom made shoes every two years.
    i met a man kidnapped at 15 to serve on a u-boat, then captured by the US, and bought here to a camp and stayed. i suggest you reach out, and if they are willing–share in their history–oh the stories i have heard, and i thank each of them. yes, i have met pearl habor vets too–land and on the ships.

    you may ask me about the later wars–well–they were a lot uglier and nasty–few want to share, and if they do i listen–they had less support coming back.

    just wanted to share–sometimes their families are tired of hearing their sotries, so they enjoy having a new person to chat with.

  3. Ah, I am 45 and I will comment. On December 7, I was at work and a teenager teased me and said “hey it is December 7. Do you remember what this means?”. And I drew a BLANK. Shameful. But it is true: Pearl Harbor Day just does NOT get much buzz anymore. Glad you mentioned it here.

  4. I still see some of the old vets outside of Walmart. I give a few dollars to the men and thank them for their service. My dad was a marine. He always salutes the men too. When I was a kid, I asked him why he did this. He explained to me how if it weren’t for men like these, none of us would have our freedom. I tell my kids the same thing now. It’s a real shame that people don’t give more respect to our veterans. They certainly do deserve our thanks and respect.


  5. Just want to pay respects to the people that have protected our country for past 230+ years.

  6. I was to Pearl Harbor this march and i met two vets there. It was a very moving experiance! I think everyone should visit Pearl Harbor and pay respect to the 2400+ killed heroes there.