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MedBlogs Grand Rounds: Vol 4:16 – Grand Rounds – Vol 4., No. 16

Grand Rounds – Vol 4., No. 16Welcome to this weeks edition of Grand Rounds, the week’s best from the medical blogosphere.

And if you haven’t been to our new site before, welcome to PathTalk, a community blog for all things pathology. We’ve only been around for a few months, and have taken a short hiatus recently, but hope to ring in the new year with more content from a specialty that is relevant to all of our medical colleagues out there.

Nice, succinct, easy to read.

2007 Medical Weblog Awards: Start voting!

Remember the rule of electoral success: Vote early, vote often!

2007 Medical Weblog Awards Sponsored by The Polls Are Open!

The 2006 Medical Blog Awards
After a careful analysis and consideration, we are excited to present to everyone the group of finalists of the 2007 Medical Weblog Awards. But first, a couple of notes.We would like to thanks everyone for nominating so many great medical blogs for consideration. Literally dozens of candidates in each and every category were named. As we personally know, each blog is someone’s labor of love, and it is not an easy work to maintain. So as editors of Medgadget we took the job of selecting the finalists very seriously.

And, of course, many thanks to ScrubsGallery for sponsoring these awards!

24 Hours in the ER: ABC News

Parkland ER: 24 hours in 5 minutes.

ABC News