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Prius start problems

From a friend who’s a pilot:

 I am in Atlanta right now.  I told Hertz as I usually do when I travel alone to just give me a compact, “whatever everyone else does not want to rent.”  So I get to KPDK and they have left me a Prius.  I thought I could just get in a start it and pull it over to the Baron and unload my equipment.  15 minutes and 3 different places in the car’s manual later I finally figured out the 5 steps to get it started, which was only complicated by the fact that when it started it doesn’t sound like a car running which only added to my confusion.

Laugh if you may, dude, because I know that is what you are doing right now.

I think that car should require a type rating…

Actually it is a great idea and fun to drive.  I like the power source display.  Closest thing to a glass cockpit I’ll ever see…

I can understand his confusion, it’s not like most other cars as far as ‘starting’ goes.  Heh.