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Movin’ Meat: Shave a doc for kids (bumped)

Update: Time for you (yes, you) to give some bucks to Shadowfax, who’s going to go Schick-bald to raise money for children’s cancer research. I’ve perused the list of donors to date, and there’s a couple of medbloggers in there, but not nearly enough.

So, bloggers, commenters and lurkers all, please consider giving some small donation to this worthy cause.

Here’s an effort I can get behind: scalping Shadowfax:

Movin’ Meat: I’m a Beautiful Man

Here’s how it works: You click the link and pony up a couple of bucks. I shave my head and post the pictures here for all the world to see. Children’s cancer research gets the money. You get the warm satisfying feeling of positive karma spreading through your body. We all win.

I made a donation, and hope you will, too.