A dangerous place, this old world at edwinleap.com

A dangerous place, this old world at edwinleap.com

Exactly right.


  1. I have realized too that martial arts training means nothing in real world situations. Just look at UFC those guys aren’t doing any fancy katas or moves-its all about choking punching and ground fighting.
    I would also submit that ‘God’ has failed a lot of good people’s prayers around the world ( referring to Dr Leap’s blog). Its not upto God to save us from sociopaths. Lets be real. If you are in the wilderness, be suspicious, be armed. I am definetely not pro-gun, but stories like this are changing my mind.

  2. When my daughter was about 5 years old she was acting out in a department store that my husband and I were shopping in. Having had enough of her antics for the day, I asked my husband if he would mind taking her out to the car and waiting for me. I told him I would not be long.

    He picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. The button-pushing child that she is started to pound on his back while yelling, “Somebody help me, he’s not my dad. Please, somebody help me.”

    Nobody alerted security and nobody tried to stop them. He went to the car safe and sound. Imagine that?